Illumination Source

Betalight tubes manufactured from borosilicate (hard) glass internally coated with zinc sulfide phosphor and filled with tritium gas. No electrical energy source required.


Minimum initial brightness at time of manufacture of 0.15 foot lambert. Brightness variation between letters does not exceed a ratio of 3 to 2.


Cased in high-impact ABS fire-retardant plastic, with matte 141 clear Lexan cover. Face Colors: Red, Green, or Black. Case Colors: Designer Grey, Black, or White. Diffuser: M.E. Grade Perspex. Reflector: Fire retardant grade PVC, bright finished by in vacuo evaporation of aluminum metal.

Arrow Design

Universal arrow configuration, selectable at time of installation.

Mounting Fixture Design

Universal mounting bracket allows for flush ceiling, surface or side mountings. All mounting hardware is tamper-proof.

Useful Life

10, 15 and 20 years based on initial brightness option selected.


Length - 12 3/4", Height - 8 1/4", Thickness - 1". Die-cut letters 6" high x 3/4" stroke, 1/4" white border.


BetaLux-E has the following code approvals and industry acceptance
Last Modified 12-2-1998