The BetaLux-E, the first in a line of slimmer, sleeker, self-luminous sign designs from SRB. The unit is cased in high-impact ABS fire-retardant plastic, with a matte 141 clear Lexan cover. The BetaLux-E is 12 3/4" in length, 8 1/4" in height and 1" thick. The illuminated Exit letters are 6" high with a 3/4" stroke and 1/8" white border which complies with standard regulations concerning letter size. The BetaLux-E comes with Designer Gray or Black casing and face colors of red, green, or black.

The BetaLux-E requires no electrical energy source. The source of sign illumination is the Betalight tubes manufactured from borosilicate (hard) glass internally coated with zinc suffide phosphor and filled with tritium gas. Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen, emits low level beta particles or electrons which strike the encapsulated phosphor producing the illumination. Each letter is illuminated independently so that in the unlikely event of failure of one light source, the sign would not be rendered illegible.

The universal arrow configurations allow you to install the BetaLux-E sign with no arrows, arrow left, arrow right, or arrows in both directions. Universal mounting bracket allows for flush ceiling, surface, or side mountings. All mounting hardware is tamperproof and included with each unit along with complete installation instructions.

The BetaLux-E has a minimum initial brightness at time of manufacture of 0.15 foot-lambert. The lambert, a measurement light emitted from a device, is not to be confused with a foot-candle, which is a measurement of external or ambient light falling on the surface of a sign. The light emitted by the BetaLux-E at the end of its useful life (0.08 foot-lambert), is well above the minimum brightness specified by the NFPA of 0.06 foot-lamberts.

Last Modified 12-2-1998