Projected Exit Sign Savings

# of Signs in Project
# of bulbs in each sign
What is the wattage of the bulbs
How many times per year are the bulbs replaced
What is the estimated cost per bulb (in $)
What is the estimated time to replace each bulb
What is your cost per Kwhr (6.5=6.5 cents)
What is the cost of replacement batteries (in $)
How much time does it take to replace each battery? (in hours)
What is the estimated life of a battery? (in years)
What is the average hourly wage for your maintenance employees? (in $)
Yearly cost of bulbs per sign
Yearly cost of electricity per sign
Yearly cost of batteries per sign
Yearly cost of labor per sign
Total yearly estimated expense per electrical sign
1 Year10 Years15 Years20 Years
Savings per self luminous sign
Savings for project
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Last Modified 12-2-1998