Self-powered exit signs have a significant advantage over conventional electrically powered signs in the areas of safety, reliability and economy.
From the safety point of view, these signs are officially "explosion proof," even doubly so, since this phrase normally means that a sign of this type should survive an explosion and stay functioning. These signs will not only do this, but represent no possible contribution to an explosion in areas where a spark from an electrical sign could ignite hazardous fumes or vapors. The absence of internal or external wiring eliminates the possibility of shock hazard, short circuits or electrically caused fires due to improper installation, deterioration or water used in fire fighting.
The proven durability and dependability of the BetaLux Exit Signs have earned the approval of BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI, and NFPA.
These signs are guaranteed for the full lifetime of the sign; either 10, 15 or 20 years. Signs are shock resistant, non-combustible, and lightweight. Since BetaLux Exit Signs do not depend on any outside energy source, they provide a virtually fail-safe system in a real emergency.
With energy costs zooming and supplies dwindling, the pressure to make existing buildings more energy efficient is very great; and the need for the BetaLux Exit Sign becomes readily apparent. This line of self-energized exit signs and markers provide constant and reliable illumination without any consumption of your electrical energy.

Last Modified 12-2-1998